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Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) Panel (RBWM)

A referral for an Education, Health and Care Plan needs assessment to the Local Authority (RBWM) can be made by you the parent, the young person themselves if they are over 16 and have the capacity to do so or, the education setting/any other professional involved with your child/young person.

RBWM  has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) Panel that has the role of deciding if a needs assessment leading to an Education, Health and Care EHC) Plan should go ahead or if an early years, school or college Plan remains appropriate.

The Panel meets on a weekly basis during term time and has membership from:

  • Headteachers/Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCOs)
  • Team Manager Education, Health and Care Plans (RBWM Children and Young People Disability Service)
  • Social Care Team Manager (RBWM Children and Young People Disability Service)
  • Assessment Coordinator (RBWM Children and Young People Disability Service)
  • Educational Psychologist – (RBWM)
  • Early Years Team Representative (RBWM)

The Panel uses the following document as its guidance:  Guidance  Booklet on EHC Needs Assessments and Plans - A Graduated Response to Special Educational Needs and Disability.

The Panel assesses each case using the range of evidence provided by the family and relevant professionals.   Each panel member has paperwork 4 days in advance of the meeting.  The evidence may include:

  • the School’s Local Offer/SEN Information Report that details the provision that the school makes for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 
  • At least two school terms worth of evidence of the school’s interventions to date to support the child or young person
  • Reports from Educational Psychologists, Occupational therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, and other professionals if applicable.

Following the meeting you, and the person who referred to the Panel, will receive a letter to confirm the outcome of the Panel meeting.  This will be sent within 6 weeks of the referral being made. 

If the Panel decides not to go ahead with a statutory assessment, you will be offered a meeting with the education setting and an Assessment Co-ordinator.  This meeting will be a chance to discuss the outcome and set out any ongoing support for your child/young person to be delivered by the education setting through an SEN support plan.

If the Panel decides an EHC Plan is appropriate you will be sent a letter to advise you of this and the Assessment Co-ordinator will begin to draft the Plan.


Further information

You can contact the Children and Young People Disability Service to make a referral for an EHC Needs Assessment on 01628 685878 or email

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