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Aids and Equipment

You may require some specialist aids and equipment to support your child or young person's needs.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) works closely with Health Services to provide children and young people with some specialist aids and equipment and information for parents and carers so that they know what equipment may be available.

The types of equipment may support:

  • posture (e.g. seating, specialist beds and sleep systems)
  • communication (e.g. minicoms, radio aids, task lighting)
  • development of independence skills (e.g. feeding aids, dressing aids, talking clocks)
  • moving the child or young person safely (e.g. hoists, slings, sliding aids)
  • personal care tasks (e.g. bath equipment, toilet supports)
  • assistance with eating (e.g. special cutlery or plates, artificial feeding aids)
  • keeping the child or young person healthy (e.g. pressure air mattresses)
  • promotion of continence or dealing with incontinence (e.g. enuresis alarms, pads)

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and equipment provided will be based on an assessment of need.  If your child has not already been referred by a professional, please contact RBWM’s Multi-agency Safeguarding and Early Help Hub who will refer on as appropriate.

RBWM’s Children and Young People Disability Service has an Occupational Therapist, who undertakes assessments and advises families with children and young people with disabilities under the age of 18 on home adaptations and equipment to support with daily living activities.   This may include advising you if an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is needed.  This may help towards the cost of providing any larger works to ensure your child or young person has access to basic facilities in the home.  These grants are means tested to target the funding to those who need the most financial help. If appropriate, the Occupational Therapist in the Children and Young People Disability Service would then refer the young person to the relevant Adult Social Care Team at the age of 18.

Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust’s has a Children’s Mobility Service  and Adults Mobility Service to work with children and adults in East Berkshire to provide wheelchairs for those who are unable to walk because of long term illness or disability. 

Most equipment needed by children in a school or FE college will be provided by the school or college, although the Children and Young People Disability Service may be able to provide specialist equipment needed in mainstream schools or FE Colleges as part of child or young person’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan.   Children attending specialist schools or colleges usually have their equipment provided by the school / college.

Children and young people with sensory impairments who require specialist equipment in school are supported through Berkshire. Sensory Consortium Service. The Service loans equipment to schools and also provides advice and guidance to relevant school staff in the appropriate use of this equipment  Equipment needed for children with sensory impairments in the home may be provided by the Children and Young People Disability Service (Children's Social Care) or Adult Social Care Teams.


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