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Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website providing accurate, up-to-date information on rights and legal issues.

Our information service brings together the best information on the law and rights from over 200 UK websites. We don’t use a search engine, every link has been hand picked and summarised by our team of experienced advisers.
Advicenow is a project of Advice Services Alliance, the coordinating body for independent advice services in the UK. ASA members including adviceUK; Citizens Advice; DIAL UK; Law Centres; Shelter and Youth Access are our main partners along with other leading advice and information providers.

Advicenow has the following information on the website:

  • Divorce survival kit
  • Parents apart
  • Trouble at school
  • Living together arrangements
  • Housing and living together
  • Breaking up checklist
  • Wills & living together
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Benefits
  • Pensions
  • What is 'Parental Responsibility'?
  • Parental responsibility for fathers
  • How to get parental responsibility for your partners children
  • How to appoint a guardian
  • Expecting a baby
  • Next of kin
  • Civil partnerships
  • Family mediation - we're splitting up
  • What is mediation?
  • How mediation works
  • Works issues
  • Discrimination issues
  • Immigration issues
  • Consumer & money problems
  • Problems with benefits
  • Housing problems

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