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Capital Strategy

Capital Strategy

The RBWM SEND Strategy 2017 - 2020  contains a number of commitments around children and young people with SEND.

The three principles within the strategy are:

  • Principle One - Put children and young people at the centre of all decisions about them, promoting and enabling independence and autonomy through to adulthood. Empower parents and carers to co-produce their child / young persons plan / support, alongside other who are also working with and supporting the family.
  • Principle Two - Ensure inclusion and participation in all aspects of family, school and community life in a local and inclusive setting, making the best possible use of available resources. 
  • Principle Three - Secure the right support at the right time for families by working in partnership with schools, health, social care and other key partners.

In particular, Principle 2 is a commitment to the best use of resources. Therefore our capital development monies will be utilised alongside a wide range of developments within the SEND area.
This will include developing new provision, review of existing mainstream and more specialist provision such as resource places. The Capital Development Plan will be published in due course, following completion of workstreams two and four within our SEND Written Statement of Action (see last page of link for reporting structure).

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