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Preparing for Adulthood 14-25

Preparing for Adulthood

This section sets out the services and support for young people aged 14-25 with SEN and Disabilities (SEND) as you move towards adulthood.  This information is for young people and their parents and carers.  We have tried to make the information as accessible as possible but some young people may need support and guidance from family members, friends or professionals to find information and to understand it better.   Thank you to the young people at local FE colleges, Buddy Group Youth Club and the Life Skills Project for helping to shape the headings and content for this section of the Local Offer. 

We are also planning to work with young people to design information, which is specifically for you in a more accessible format. 

Preparing for adulthood is sometimes called ‘Transitions’ and is used to describe the period from Year 9 (14 years old) to when a young person becomes an adult at age 18 and as they develop through young adulthood to 25.  It can be an exciting but also challenging time as services and support may change and therefore requires careful planning.

A range of professionals work closely with you and your family to enable you to take part in further studies or training, find a job, live as independently as possible, be healthy and take part in enjoyable leisure and social activities.


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To find out more about the transition support available from the local authority, please contact:

Children and Young People Disability Service
Telephone: 01628 685878

Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (Adult Social Care)
Telephone: 01628 670117