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Feedback & You Said, We Did


You said, we did

We are pleased to publish the latest comments and feedback we have received from children, young people, families and others, as well our response to what you have told us. We will make sure that all details will be published in a format which means it will not be possible to identify individuals. Published to the right side of this page.

Feedback and comments are invited from children and young people, parents and carers, professional and partner users and gathered by a variety of methods:

  • Working with children and young people 
  • Via our Parent Representation Group - PaCiP
  • Through formal consultation 
  • Through the Contact Us form on this website
  • Via email to
  • By telephone directly to the Digital Content Officer 01628 685878
  • Face to face at outreach and attendance at events
  • By electonic user surveys 
  • Through comments fed back through any professional or partnership colleagues. 

How we publish feedback 

We will publish comments received if they relate to:

  • the content of our Local Offer, which includes the quality of existing provision and any gaps in the provision
  • the accessibility of information in the Local Offer
  • how the Local Offer has been developed or reviewed

We will publish a summary of comments received at least annually.

We will publish our responses to comments received, including details of the action we intend to take or have taken. Any action taken will be done in consultation with families and young people with SEND.


Local Offer Feedback -Tell us what you think!

We are continually engaging with young people, parents and carers through a range of consultation groups and forums so that families can actively shape and improve the Local Offer and to make sure this resource is right for you.

You can give your feedback by:

We will also publish details of any specific focus groups or activities with young people and parents and carers here.

We welcome your feedback on the Local Offer on the following areas:

  • the content of the Local Offer
  • the range and quality of existing provision
  • the accessibility of information in the Local Offer
  • how the Local Offer can be developed or reviewed

If you are a parent/carer or young person and you are interested in getting more involved in working with us to shape the Local Offer, we are keen to hear from you.  Please contact the Children and Young People Disability Service on 01628 685878 or email


Annual Report for 2015/2016

Every year the Council publishes an annual report on the Local Offer.  The report sets out the feedback we have received on the Local Offer from families and professionals over the course of the year and how we have taken or intend to take this forward.  We use the feedback we receive to help us to review and improve our Local Offer.  For further details, please see the Annual Report for 2015-2016.   


Opportunities for you to get involved so far.. 

  • Online feedback form available on the site and emailed to families and professionals
  • Feedback through frontline professionals
  • Focus group sessions
  • Discussions at School coffee mornings
  • Discussions at the Children and Young People Disability Service (CYPDS) Saturday Club
  • Feedback through CYPDS Parent and Carers virtual consultation group
  • Discusions at Voluntary Sector Parent Support Group sessions
  • Session at the the Parents Share Group including a session to specifically review the schools Local Offer information
  • Parent feedback session facilitated through Wessex Primary School
  • Local Offer  ‘Road testing’ sessions with small group of parents.
  • ‘Road testing’ activity on the Local Offer carried out with students at East Berkshire College, Berkshire College of Agriculture, Buddy Group Youth Club, Life Skills Project, Shine Autism Resource, Manor Green School and Heathermount School.
  • Consultation with groups of young people on the content of the preparing for adulthood section of the Local Offer at East Berkshire College, Berkshire College of Agriculture and the Life Skills Project.
  • Consultation with young people on the Local Offer and mobile version as part of 'Take Over' Day
  • Messages on Social Media (RBWM Facebook and Twitter) requesting comments on the Local Offer
  • Leaflets and posters on the Local Offer include a request for feedback – shared widely in range of settings including schools, early years settings, libraries, children’s centres, leisure centres, youth centres.


Local Offer complaints process 

To view information about the Local Offer complaints process, please go to the following advice and guidance page.

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