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NEWS: Working with Parents Report Download

Schools and parents have a shared interest in doing the best for their children. However, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. 

That is why we’ve produced this guidance report. It offers primary and secondary schools four clear and actionable recommendations on working with parents so that they can support their child’s learning at home. 

We hope it helps support an evidence-informed approach to working with parents.

EEF’s other key resources, in their school improvement planning:

  1. Teaching and Learning Toolkit - an accessible summary of the international evidence on teaching 5-16 year-olds, used by up to two-thirds of all schools.
  2. Assessing and Monitoring Pupil Progress - a guide to help track pupils' progress and assess their mastery of knowledge and concepts.
  3. Promising Projects - those EEF-funded projects which have demonstrated promising findings when first trialled.

This will help ensure these resources reach those able to make a real difference to pupils’ learning.